A Weekend in Dubai: Camels, Cadillacs and Shifting Sand!

Camels are quite difficult to categorize, I mean are they pets? Food? Milk dispensers? A sign of wealth or a mean of transportation? I guess all these characteristics apply to camels, but one thing for sure, camels used to be the Cadillacs of the desert in the past.

Camels fascinate me, they are very big and tough, but I find them very funny, and every time we film a test drive at Al Qudra, I stop to observe a herd of camels that roams that area all the time, but while filming the test drive of the Cadillac CTS, I found myself in a race with one of these camels.

This proximity to camels took me back in time when people used these “ships” to roam the desert, they are the Cadillacs of the desert, and now I’m a Cadillac of today roaming the same desert.

Please watch the video above to see the details of this test drive.

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