An Evening of Drag Racing with BMW and Abu Dhabi Motors

Drag racing is one of the coolest and simplest forms of motorsport, it doesn’t require hardcore driving skills and advanced cars, it’s an activity that you can enjoy in your own car on any road, of course we don’t endorse street racing because it can be dangerous.

The beauty of drag racing is that it gives you an intensive adrenaline rush for a very short period of time, all you have to do is to mash the throttle until you cross the finishing line, winning a drag race comes down to the reaction of the driver and the performance of the car, you and your car will have to be faster than your opponent. Of course there are some aspects that can increase your chances, like the launch control.

It might not sound exciting, but when you try it you will feel the rush, specially if you try it on a specialized circuit like the drag strip at the Yas Marina Circuit, first you have to line-up next to the “Christmas tree”, this tree is divided into 3 parts, the tip will light up once you are in the right position, the middle part, which consists of 3 light bulbs, will be ignited once it’s time to go, and the bottom is a green light that means you should have already started, that’s the only green light you shouldn’t wait.

Few weeks ago, we were invited by Abu Dhabi Motors for an evening of drag racing on Yas Marina Circuit, and to make things even better, we had the M-fleet from BMW that evening! It wasn’t a competitive evening, we had different cars with different engine output racing each other, so it wasn’t about winning or losing, it was an exciting ending to a long week.

It was a great evening, I hope you enjoy the video and the below photos.

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