Audi Tests an Automated Parking Platform at Hamburg Airport

Finding a parking spot can be very frustrating, specially if you’re late for something, and even if you find a spot, sometimes it’s too small for your car or a bit far from the entrance, this calls for new solutions that can help ease the situation for frustrated drivers.

Obviously adding more parking spots can be a solution, multistorey parking buildings can accommodate a lot of cars in a small space, but that space is not always available. Valet parking is a good solution but can be costly, and you can’t always count on valet drivers to treat your car with the respect it deserves.

So the solution has be smarter, it has to involve AI.

Few AI-enabled parking platforms were introduced recently; Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Bosch last year to introduce an Automated Valet Parking platform in the multi-storey car park at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, drivers will have to drop their cars at a specific spot and command the car to proceed on its own to the designated parking spot using an app on their smartphones.

Another example of these automated parking platforms came from the company called Stanley Robotics, which created an interesting looking robot called Stan to sort out busy parking lots, and according to the company’s website, Stan is already working at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and soon in other airports in France.

Here is another solution from a company called Unitronics, they use shuttles, conveyors and cranes to accommodate small, medium and large parking lots.

Last month, Volkswagen started experimenting with autonomous parking at the Hamburg Airport, the testing involved Audi and Porsche vehicles. VW’s system is a bit similar to the one from Mercedes-Benz, however in the video we see the laundry being delivered to the car while the owner is away, this can be helpful if you are expecting a delivery but how realistic and manageable it is? Nonetheless, it can a great addition to the autonomous parking experience.

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