Driving the Mercedes AMG GT S around Yas Marina Circuit

AMG, those 3 letters that have been synonymous with performance for 50 years, it’s what make Mercedes-Benz car louder, faster and more exciting. Last year, the German brand celebrated the 50th anniversary of its high octane sub-brand, and I had a celebration of my own, I drove the AMG GT S down the Yas Marina Circuit.

This is an experience that money can actually buy, if you visit the website of Yas Marina Circuit you can actually buy one, mine however was a gift from Mercedes-Benz Middle East, so I would like to thank them once again for this lovely gift. I enjoyed every minute of my drive, the car is really fast and the performance is top class as you’d expect from Mercedes.

The driving time is short, but thanks to driving instructor that joins you in the car, this short time becomes a good learning experience where you practice the best tactics for braking and clipping the apex. My instructor is Sideway Steve, a great instructor who I met a while back in a drifting experience.

I was very sick that day but I decided to go and enjoy the experience, I hope you will enjoy the video!

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