Every Land Has Its Legend: Nissan Continues to Dominate On and Off Road with Expansions to Patrol Safari Range

Nissan Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle X added to iconic Safari line-up

Dubai, UAE: 21 October 2018 – Nissan has expanded the iconic Patrol Safari range with the introduction of three exciting new editions. Exclusively developed for and available to customers in the Middle East, these cars are inspired by and named after two of the most iconic animals to inhabit the desert sands and skies of the region, the majestic soaring Falcon and fleet-footed Gazelle.

The Patrol Safari range has a long-standing heritage in the Middle East. With its rugged exterior good-looks, and superb off-roading capabilities that can conquer any terrain, the car has gained legendary status in the popular culture of the region. The introduction of the three new editions, the Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle X, are set to continue the car’s proud legacy.

Considered to be one of the only true all-terrain vehicles of all times, the Patrol Safari’s popularity is continuing to grow in the Middle East. In the first half of Nissan Middle East’s financial year (April – September 2018) year-on-year sales increase recorded a 30% rise, demonstrating that the Patrol Safari continues to impress with its inherent ruggedness, durability, and ability to cope with the extremes of the varied terrains and temperatures that are prevalent in the region. This performance builds on a long-term success translating into a sales increase of 152% from fiscal year 2012 to 2017.

Commenting on the launch, Kalyana Sivagnanam, Regional Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Nissan AMI and President of Nissan Middle East said: “The Middle East inspired the very creation of the Patrol Safari range, and it has an enduring popularity in the region, amongst Gulf nationals and expats alike. The highly encouraging year-on-year sales figures are testament to the car’s status as an inseparable part of the social and cultural fabric of the Middle East. At Nissan we understand the importance of the Patrol Safari to the people of the Gulf, and in response to popular demand, we have launched these three editions that are exclusive to the region. We are confident that the launch of the Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle X will further cement the car’s status as the all-conquering, off-roading vehicle of choice for desert-lovers in the Middle East.”

With its impressive styling and richly appointed interior, the Nissan Patrol Falcon is certain to turn heads both on and off the road. As comfortable navigating the urban jungle as tackling the challenges of desert driving, this multi-terrain vehicle transcends expectations of a 4WD car.

Drawing inspiration from the fleet-footed gazelle, master of swiftly maneuvering through multiple terrains, the Nissan Patrol Gazelle Edition is the ultimate urban 4WD. Improved suspension and new additions have boosted performance, elevating the vehicle over and above a regular off-roader.

Taking it one step further the Patrol Gazelle-X features enhanced functions and capabilities. The definitive off-roader, Gazelle-X has been designed to dominate the world of desert driving.

Also, now available across the Gulf is a new manual variation of the Super Safari model.

The Nissan Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle-X editions will be available at Nissan dealers across the region. Prices vary according to market, visit your local Nissan dealer for full information.

Detailed Product Information

Nissan Patrol Falcon Edition – Key Highlights
The Nissan Patrol Falcon retains the Patrol Safari’s rugged good-looks with uniquely designed body stripes that enhance the side profile of the car and add an element of urban chicness. An uncompromising chrome front bumper, silver satin front skid plate, and LED beam light bar help drivers tackle any challenges that lie on the road ahead – and look great whilst doing so!

New exterior accessories such as semi-gloss black wheel arches, halo-shaped Daytime Running Lights, and gleaming exhaust tip provide a sophisticated touch, whilst a semi-gloss black spoiler adds an additional element of toughness. A chrome-finished petrol can holder and wheel cover with falcon-design complement the rear.

On the interior, the car’s premium tan-leather seats, embroidered with a falcon badge, have been designed for both driver and passenger comfort. A refrigerated cooler box, dual front airbags, keyless entry system, air conditioning with Independent Rear Cooling System, ABS, and Automatic Speed Control (ASCD) are among the other features contributing to both safety and driver convenience.

Nissan Patrol Gazelle Edition – Key Highlights
On its exterior the Nissan Patrol Gazelle edition boasts a head-turning body decal that reflects both the spirit of the desert, and the car’s all-terrain driving capability. The Gazelle’s new fender flares match the car’s bodywork and are complimented by 17-inch bronze coloured-alloy wheels, reminiscent of rally car design and complete with new 285mm multi-terrain tyres. They also feature a Gazelle logo in the centre.

The Gazelle’s blackened front grille and head and tail lights, along with a newly-added gazelle emblem on the front hood, emphasize the car’s desert credentials. A rear roof spoiler adds an uncompromising air and is designed for holding flags whilst desert driving. These are included upon purchasing the Patrol Gazelle. Inside, the car comes with bespoke tan leather seats and door trims. A Gazelle logo embossed on the seats completes the look.

To enhance the performance of the Patrol Gazelle, an air snorkel has been added to improve the air flow to the vehicle, whether in the desert or shallow waters. It is also equipped with a world-renowned, tuned remote reservoir shock suspension anodised in Nissan red and black colours, along with a 2-inch lift kit with Nissan red coil springs, that further improve the driving experience and allow drivers to cruise across multiple terrains comfortably and quickly. The addition of a front electrical winch with a capacity of 4,300 kg puts the driver, or their less-equipped friends, at ease in off-road situations.

Nissan Patrol Gazelle-X Edition – Key Highlights
The Gazelle-X’s exterior has been further updated with steel front and rear bumpers (with rubber protection), both of which are detailed with the iconic Gazelle logo. The front bumper has two 3 x 3-inch cube LED lights, while the rear-enforced bumper has additional extreme duty tow hooks and a spare tyre carrier.

To meet off-roading requirements, the Gazelle-X is also equipped with a custom-made front skid plate embossed with bright red Gazelle insignia and a front hood scoop. Also included are a new set of black and red lined 17-inch off road alloy wheels, reminiscent of rally car design, complete with 315mm tyres. A roof rack has been added that can comfortably carry all camping gear, whilst the car’s stunning 30-inch LED light bar will improve driver visibility throughout the night, and in the midst of untravelled terrains.

The Patrol Gazelle-X’s performance has been improved by a fifth gear over-drive (only on manual transmission models), increased front and rear differential ratios whilst a world-renowned, tuned remote reservoir shock suspension anodized in Nissan red and black colors and 4-inch lift kit with Nissan red coil springs guarantees a comfortable and adventure-ready drive over any terrain. A new performance engineered exhaust system compliments the car’s persona, ensuring that the Gazelle-X stands out on every acceleration.

Like the Gazelle, the interior of the Patrol Gazelle-X comes complete with custom-made tan leather seats and door trims, with a Gazelle logo detailed on the seats. A cage has been added between the second and third rows to ensure all outdoor gear stays in place, whilst a rear retractable drawer set has been installed to ensure items can be stored safely and conveniently. A tow rope, sand ramp and emergency kit come as standard with the Gazelle-X, further cementing the car’s off-roading status.

Superior Power
The Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle X editions all boast powerful 4.8L 4800 TWINCAM 24-VALVE Gasoline Engines (mated with a 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission). These produce 280hp and a mighty 46k/452Nm of torque, allowing the cars to power up any terrain with ease. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Tyre Pressure Control Monitoring System (TPMS) help keep everything on the straight and narrow while driving on the highway, with dual front airbags, ABS, Immobilizer, and cruise control also contributing to both safety and driver convenience.

Front and rear locking differentials, electronically controlled Power Steering, all terrain suspension, electric front winch (optional), and front and rear tow hooks will keep off-roaders and perhaps their less equipped friends on the move. Built-in air compressors also add to the three new editions’ off-roading capabilities.

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