Exploring the 2019 Volkswagen Touareg

The 3rd generation of VW’s Touareg brings with it a number of changes to this successful SUV, the car is now lighter, wider, longer and more handsome than before, in addition to a host of new features, including a spectacular high definition 15-inch touch screen.

The touch screen is the highlight of the new Touareg, it’s one of the biggest displays in the industry, and it gets better, the touch screen is teamed up with a 12.3-inch display that functions as the digital dashboard of the car, this is a big shift for the Touareg and I truly love it.

Among the changes that come with the 3rd generation is the head-up display, which now projects on the windshield instead of a piece of plastic like before.

The new Touareg can be fitted with the night vision feature, which highlights pedestrians and animals while driving in the dark, and if the driver doesn’t slow down, the car will warn that person or animal using the high beam lights.
The new Touareg comes with 2 engines options; a 4-cylinder 2.0L engine that produces 246hp and 370 Nm torque, in addition to a 3L V6 that produces 335hp and 450 Nm torque. These engines send the power to all wheels using an 8-speed transmission.

Volkswagen added the all-wheel steering to the new Touareg, this system will turn the rear wheels in the opposite direction of the front wheels when the car is doing below 37 km/h to tighten the truing circle, but when the car is going faster, all wheels will turn in the same direction for more stability.

Going back to safety, the new generation can be fitted with a couple of features, including the intersection assist, which warns the driver if it sensed a potential collision with another car, or a pedestrian, this system functions at speeds up to 30 km/h, and if the car is doing less than 10 km/h, the system can interfere to stop the car.

If the car detected a collision it applies few safety measures to protect occupants, it tightens the seat belts, closes the windows and sunroof, pushes the seats back to the upright position, and locks the doors.

The interior of the new Touareg is elegant, and it comes with ambient lighting that brings 30 different colours.

The 2019 Touareg is available in 4 different grades, with the possibility to have the R-Line as an additional package on any grade:

  • Trendline (2L): AED 192,433
  • Trendline (3L): AED 204,629
  • Comfortline (3L): AED 218,258
  • Highline (3L): AED 239,312

    The Touareg enjoyed a lot of success since its inception in 2002, and I personally think the new generation will be even more successful, thanks to the new safety features, high tech cockpit, and the elegant interior.

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