Infiniti Engineering Academy: From Classrooms to Formula 1 Pits

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, but to petrolheads, it’s the pinnacle of everything, so imagine being a petrolhead engineering student and you’re given the chance to replace your conventional classrooms with ones that are more dynamic, and much more exciting, sounds like a dream, doesn’t it!

Couple of years ago, Infiniti started an ambitious initiative that aims to find engineering talents around the world, and recruit them in a year long program that involves working with an F1 team, the program is open to engineering students and graduates and covers 7 regions around the world; Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, Asia-Oceania, China, and our very own region, the Middle East.

The Infiniti Engineering Academy is a pedal-to-the-metal learning experience that stimulates the mind and boosts knowledge, it involves working in Formula 1 for one year, winners spend 6 months with Infiniti, and 6 more months with the Renault Sport Formula One Team. The idea of working for a Formula 1 team, even for one year only, is such an incredible dream and an opportunity of a lifetime.

Winners get to work with F1 engineers, which allows them develop their skills and widen their knowledge as they become part of the workflow and face deliverables and deadlines. The academy is an opportunity to develop one’s personal skills as well, all winners move to the UK and live together, this helps them meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

F1 is a very competitive sport, and doesn’t apply to drivers only, Shihab Soliman, the Middle Eastern winner of the academy in 2016, tells us that being ambitious and motivated and competitive it key to make it in the academy. He says it’s difficult to get into Formula 1, but once you’re in you are in, and that’s the great thing about the Infiniti Engineering Academy, it opens the gates of Formula 1 for young engineers.

Shihab Soliman, 2016’s Infiniti Engineering Academy MENA winner, with Tommaso Volpe, Infiniti Global Director of Motorsport and Bob Bell Renault Sport F1 Team Chief Technical Officer

We met Yazan Alhindawi, the most recent winner of the academy in the Middle East, after spending 2 weeks with the academy in the UK, he was impressed by the team of engineers he met and how helpful they were. Yazan still has a year ahead of him, where he can learn and improve his experience, but also proof that he is good enough to be considered for a full time position in world of Formula 1.

Yazan Alhindawi, 2017’s Infiniti Engineering Academy MENA winner, talking to Bob Bell Renault Sport F1 Team Chief Technical Officer

Yazan Alhindawi, 2017’s Infiniti Engineering Academy MENA winner, talking to Bob Bell Renault Sport F1 Team Chief Technical Officer

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