Project Black S: A Realistic yet Exciting Concept by Infiniti

Concept cars are all about going extremely wild with the imagination, rarely you will come across a concept car that can be actually built, and that’s a bit disappointing because these concept are actually exciting, but every now and then an automotive brand reveals an exciting concept car that can actually work, and that’s what Infiniti managed to achieve with its Project Black S.

The beauty of Project Black S is that it brings F1 charm and technology to an existing road car, and that what makes it both realistic and exciting at the same time. The outcome of this project will be a spiced up Infiniti Q60, a flared edition of a car that already exists on the roads.

Before delving into the technology aspect of the Project Black S, we should stop and admire the exterior design because it’s a thing of beauty, the car looks really amazing, specially when you stand next to it. The air intakes, along with the flared wheel arches and the rear spoiler give the car an aggressive yet a beautiful look. I like how they finished it with matte grey and black mixture, that made the car looks even more beautiful, not to forget the yellow brake calipers.

Project Black S is all about bringing F1 technology to road cars, and one of the aspects Infiniti focused on is the use of carbon fiber to minimize weight and that’s very important to improve on performance.

But the biggest F1 characteristic that Infiniti aims to bring to Project Black S is the energy recovery system, which in F1 cars harvests kinetic energy from braking and heat energy from exhaust gases, and then boosts the power and torque of the car by deploying recovered electric power, which helps in delivering lag-free acceleration.

Project Black S is still not confirmed, but I personally hope it gets the green light and go into production, but this car is really beautiful and technically advanced!

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