Test Drive: Toyota Land Cruiser Grand Touring

Earlier this year Al-Futtaim announced a new addition to the Land Cruiser family, the King of the Desert now comes in a new edition dubbed “Grand Touring”, or GT for short. The GT edition is available in the GXR grade and is offered with 2 engine options; a 4L V6 engine with a price tag of AED 249,900, the second option comes with a 4.6L V8 engine and is priced at AED 275,900.

The GT edition involves a number of changes and upgrades on the interior and the exterior, but nothing involves the performance, the changes are listed below:

  1. The front grille is sleeker
  2. Smoked headlights
  3. Sequential light indicators
  4. Integrated roof spoiler
  5. Integrated roof rails
  6. The sunroof comes standard
  7. Chrome package
  8. 20-inch alloy wheels
  9. Powered tailgate
  10. A new optitron speedometer with a 4.2-inch display
  11. 10-inch touch screen with a new operating system
  12. Steering-wheel controls

The changes are not significant but they bring few nice additions, I like the new touch screen and the new infotainment system, on the exterior, my favorite changes are the smoked headlights, the powered tailgate and the spoiler.

The Land Cruiser is a 4X4 fortress, it’s a castle on wheels, when you drive you feel like you own the road, and you actually do, this car has presence, it will not turn heads like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, it won’t shout wealth like a Rolls-Royce, and it’s certainly not loaded with the latest tech like a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW, but it commands respect from everyone around you. When you observe horizon that stretches behind the massive bonnet of the Land Cruiser makes you feel safe not matter what the terrain brought.

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